Friday, October 07, 2005

Stonking new Personal Media Player arrives...

Lovely surprise in the post today from our favourite electronics distributor...

The PMP3520 personal media player from Directed Mobile Media. Lovely little unit, 3.5" screen, with features like the following:
  • Built-in 20GB HDD (can act as PC external storage),
    • up to 5,000 songs or 80-hours of video clips in your
    • pocket.
  • USB 2.0 OTG can be used as master or slave.
  • FM radio
  • Clock/Alarm/Date Display
  • Voice recorder
  • 3.5” Digital Screen
  • MPEG4 SP/DivX 3,4,5 /Motion JPEG/WMV9 audio/video playback
  • MP3/WAV/WMA/AAC/LPCM/ADPCM audio playback
  • Still Image playback (support various digital camera picture format, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP)
  • Support DivX DRM
  • Slide Show with audio
  • Build-in DivX and/or MPEG4 video encoder, as well as MP3 audio encoder
  • Audio/Video Recording/Capture (PVR)
What that lot means is that it is a picture viewer, MP3 player (incl AAC format), movie viewer (plays DivX), FM radio, and for me the killer app is that it acts as both a USB master and slave, thus meaning that it can act as a repository for photos and other data whilst away from a full PC - great as an all in one device whilst on holiday.

Haven't really had a chance to play yet, but will place a full review up here in the next week or so, and no doubt we will be selling them at UK SatNav ASAP - yes I know its not really core to what we do, but the market for these PMPs is growing all the time, so we need to be in the business. Besides, it is mooted that the next version of the PMP3520 will feature built in GPS too.


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