Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Garmin Nuvi - the perfect travel companion?


These lovely new SatNav units came into our sticky paws today - the Garmin Nuvi 300 and 350.

In many ways, they appear to be a perfect gift or purchase for the travelling businessman. Combining the now standard SatNav features such as importable POIs (Camera locations anyone?), WAAS GPS accuracy and the new SiRFStar III chipset (giving improved GPS signal in most conditions), the Nuvi adds great new ideas such as MP3 player, picture viewer, and audio book player. However, for me, where it really scores is by integrating features that travellers have always needed - world clock with alarm, optional language converter and currency conversion.

Therefore, this really does seems to be a great travel companion. Now, you're probably thinking, my PDA could do all that so what's the big deal? Well, where I've always felt that dedicated transferable SatNav has scored over PDA-based solutions is in making them intuitive, efficient and fool-proof to use. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving a PDA and bluetooth GPS receiver plus assorted cradles and cables to one of the more senior members of my family, as I just know I would be getting the support calls for weeks... Whereas, the Tomtoms and Garmins of this world are succeeding in making the devices truly user-friendly.

In my opinion the Nuvi is one of the sexiest of the devices available today, with beautiful styling and very classy build. With the TMC traffic-avoidance module optional on the 350, it really does make a compelling story.


Anonymous Guymonde said...

Having read rave reviews, I bought a Nuvi - my first satnav. As much use as choc teapot in London - doesn't seem to recognise streets other than trunk routes. It's choice of route assumes traffic hasn't been invented, and you can't modify. Perhaps I'm missing something, and I'll persevere, but at present I feel like it was a complete waste of money

Fri Sep 15, 11:45:00 pm BST  

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