Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gotta get one - Sony Ericsson p990i

Yes, I know, I have only had my Nokia Communicator 9500 for 6 months, but it feels like the time to change already. The 9500 is just too bulky when I already have to carry around a Nokia 8922 that my day job supplies - however I couldn't do without the keyboard or WiFi that the 9500 delivers.

So what is there out there, and the catch here is that the SatNav phone account is with Orange in the UK, who have a limited phone range at the best of times..

Well there's the Palm Treo 650...

which is fabulous in that it syncs well with the Macs we have at home, and has a usable keyboard, plus the 1000s of Palm applciations that are available. However, I've always struggled with the Palm OS, in that it just seems too clunky, and single-tasking. Plus it doesn't have Wi-Fi, so not the one for me...

There's also the Orange SPV M5000, or HTC Universal as most may know it...

This is fabulous new system with touchscreen and stylus, plus a clamshell-style full keyboard. It looks like a great spec, with Wi-Fi, bluetooth and full web browser. However, Mac support is severely lacking, and a 3rd party app would be needed. I also hate the idea of running a Windows-based OS on a phone. My previous SPV E200 crashed too many times while attempting to take calls.

So, I need another alternative. I thought about a Sony Ericsson p910i, but its getting a bit long in the tooth now, and lacks Wi-Fi. However, there is the Sony Ericsson p990i being discussed in a lot of the forums, and a few reviews are beginning to surface. It has the full works - bluetooth, thumb keyboard, stylus, touchscreen, WiFi, FM Stereo, 2MP camera, 3G etc. etc. Plus it is Mac iSync compatible.

If only it was out before 2006! That's a long wait...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, I hate my XDA2. I mean, quadband, wifi, etc. But the battery is crap, its a brick, etc. Using Skype whilst on the lotusphere networks however was cool..

So next one HAS to be slightly smaller, higher res screen, more than 2 days battery life, no crashing (the XDA is terrible. Sorry. Windows Mobile is terrible), clamshell would be good. The tablet in the pocket just get scratched...

Oh - and G3 connectivity all the time. No messing with GPRS.

--* Bill

Wed Nov 23, 12:10:00 am GMT  

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