Thursday, November 17, 2005

itSMF Conference, Brighton

Just spent nearly a week down at the itSMF conference at the Brighton Hilton Metropole, managing a stand that the company was running. It was a great week, with some good positive conversations with customers, the odd lead, and a great chance to learn where the ITIL Service Management push is heading.

The conference was entitled "Pragmatic Service Management" which I thought was spot on. The ITIL movement has been very descriptive in the past, effectively stating that this is the standard, and you must adhere to it. This has effectively forced all company that wish to be ITIL-compliant down the same path, no matter what size the organisation or the IT infrastructure being managed. It is clear that this isn't working as well as it might, and a more pragmatic, adaptive approach is required.

Most vendors and service providers represented at the event seemed to have come to the same conclusions at the itSMF, and were trying to work with customers on a modularised process-change approach, with focus on the measurable business benefits (especially cost of course) that would be realised from ITIL-adoption. In particular, those companies offering consultative approaches rather than product-driven solutions seemed to be popular with the attendees.

The only downside for me was that the conference was split over 3 floors of the hotel, and the exhibition itself was split into 4 small halls. As exhibitors in the green hall furthest from the sessions, it was tough getting the customers to spend enough time on the stand. Forunately, next year, the conference is to be held in Birmingham in a much bigger location with a single exhibition hall - should be an event not to miss.


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