Monday, November 21, 2005

Relicore Clarity: Automated application discovery at its best

In the past month or so, we've found another tool to add to the kitbag, and a very impressive one at that. Relicore Clarity automates the process of documenting server and application configurations, by automatically discovering new applications, processes or files on servers in your managed environment. It then maps all interdependencies through a sophisticated Web-based GUI and tracks changes any changes to the enviornment in real time. Great stuff.

This would be pretty good in its own right, but for me the key is that Clarity has interfaces into HP Openview and Tivoli out-of-the-box. In HP's case, this means that the ServiceDesk Change Management Database (CMDB) can be automatically populated by Relicore, creating Configration Intems (CIs) for all the applications on your enterprise or desktop systems. Once in the CMDB, Openview can then create Service Maps (or Relicore can do this itself) within the Service Navigator product that fully map your enterprise application environment.

This really is a super product for any ITIL-compliancy project, particularly one involving HP OV ServiceDesk. For more info, contact either Relicore direct, or their chosen partner in the UK, CompelSolve.


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