Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Web - can we ever escape it?

From The Register:

Opera is to supply its browser for the TopSeries in-flight entertainment system Thales sells to operators of the larger Boeing and Airbus planes. So next time you are browsing the web at 30,000 feet, you know who to thank.

The company says its browser was selected because it can be deployed easily in so many languages, including Arabic. Opera describes this as its "internationalization features" (don't ask us), and notes that this includes support for bi-directional scripts.

Brad Foreman Thales' VP of in-flight entertainment systems said: "The Opera product is an excellent fit to our system architecture. It provides the flexibility and utility that our customers are asking for."

So, not content with most of us spending our working lives (and increasingly our leisure time too) staring at a web browser logo spinning whilst waiting for more pointless images to download (excluding this page, of course), now we can do it whilst travelling too! Sometimes technology moves faster than it needs to I feel!


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