Monday, January 30, 2006

30 years of Apple video

This is awesome... Beware it's big, but some cool chap has put together a montage of most of the great Apple ads over the years, showing the evolution of the products, the marketing and the direction of Apple. Highlights include Kevin Costner in the Lisa ad, the amzing 1984 Superbowl ad (including iPod in this version - someone's been tampering) and the latest iPod and Intel/iMac promos.

Just pitty the chap paying for the bandwidth!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Flying car

Oz flying car takes reader flak | The Register

The Reg has this great photo taken from Google Earth. Much as I'd love it to be a flying car, I think there must be a more likely solution? Billboard advertising maybe?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Missing... Lotusphere

After attending the last two Lotusphere events in Orlando, plus the last three events held in Europe, this year my change of job means that I can't attend LS06 starting tomorrow.

To be frank, I'm gutted...

For the first time in a number of years, I really do feel that the IBM/Lotus strategy and market position are first class. The products (ND7, WCS2.6 and others), marketing (boxing gloves ads that are appearing everywhere) and personnel are really taking the fight to Microsoft. In addition, MS are doing themselves harm with their botched "Red Bull" conversion tool hype, with the leaking news about Exchange 12 (64-bit only, Jet engine reliance etc.) and the thousands of customers that are still on Exchange 5.5 - including my own current employer. Remember Exchange 5.5 is of the same vintage as Domino 4.6 - can you really see customers running business-critical email on a Domino/Notes system of that age? The two-lane highway of 2004 is also now a distant memory thankfully, Domino and Workplace are part of the same product plan with the same planned destination. It is a great message.

Secondly, the Lotus community is stronger than it's ever been in the past. The Blogsphere is bringing key individuals in the community together, driving innovation and development forward, deriving real customer value for those that were too small to really have focus around Domino/Notes in the past, and above all delivering products and solutions that are world-class.

Finally, Lotusphere is the place to be. Its a combination of learning, networking, socialising and having great fun that cannot be matched. I'm hearing all about the plans for meeting at ESPN, for the Turtle party, the HADSL giveaways, JAMfests, the Blogging forums and BOFs, and I am truly, madly, deeply missing it. Next year - I'll be there!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Revealed: The Secret to Selling on eBay

Looks like this Rover fanatic has come up with the answer...

His eBay listings show a certain flair, and this one in particular caught my eye! Wonder if it would work for SatNav!?

SteveShow now available to stream

Looks like it is available in Quicktime format now, with MPEG4 to follow...

But why isn't it on iTMS? Surely that's the way Apple should be distributing these things now - just perfect for watching on your iPod on the way to work...

Mac Book Pro

As the proud owner of 4 Powerbooks (1.5GHz 17", 1.33GHz 15", 550MHz 15", 500MHz 15" - yeah I know, I must get round to eBaying the last two), I have to say that I wasn't expecting the replacement Powerbook to be one of the first Intel Macs on the block - all the pre-announce chat and rumour was focused on the Mac Mini and iBook replacements. Looks like Apple finally got their wish to completely fool the rumour sites!

Also, the Powerbook seemed too focused on the pro market, given that most of the professional software (Adobe CS2, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro etc.) aren't likely to be in Universal (that is Power and Intel compatible format) versions anytime soon. Finally, the size and profile of the Powerbook looked too difficult to shoehorn in a new processor (even if it was to run cooler).

However, new Powerbook is what we have - the horribly named MacBook Pro...

First up, the name... I know they probably had to move away from "Power"book given that it is so clearly linked to the IBM PowerPC chipset, but I cannot believe that they could come up with a less unwieldy name than MacBook Pro! To me, it sounds like some kind of eBook Reader, rather than a top-of-the-range laptop. Also, one supposes that this means that the new iBook will now become the Apple MacBook, or should that be Apple MacBook For Those That Cant Afford a Pro!?

Secondly, there are some odd omissions for me, the lack of Firewire-800 (this is really going to cheese off a lot of Pro video and music engineers that have invested big time in FW-800 peripherals), and the reduction of the PCMCIA slot to the new ExpressCard/34 slot (I know PCMCIA has been dying a death, but then I would have abandoned the slot completely and provided a third USB2.0 port).

However, the biggest concerns for me relate to battery life - the new Intel Duo Core chipset is not thought to be particularly power-efficient, and the signs are that this one is probably going to give less battery life than the old Powerbook - it has an 85W power supply for example.

But there are so good aspects too - 3x-4x processor speed improvements (note this won't give an overall performance bump of that ratio - the rest of the components will still run at the old speeds), new power supply with magnetic connector (how many times have I nearly pulled my beloved Powerbook onto the floor by tripping over the supply), built in iSight camera and FrontRow, plus brighter display. Plus it should run both Mac OS X and Windows (though the latter is still up for discussion).

All in all, a good though not perfect improvement to the Powerbook, but Steve you have to get that name changed! Most of all though, you have to feel sorry for those that bought a new improved Powerbook just 3 months ago when the new displays were added. I am sure glad I sold the 1.67GHz 15" one that was given to us as an insurance replacement back on November!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Intel Macs announced today

Here's the new Intel in Macs ad... It's been a while coming but now it's here, perhaps it ain't so bad after all!