Saturday, January 21, 2006

Missing... Lotusphere

After attending the last two Lotusphere events in Orlando, plus the last three events held in Europe, this year my change of job means that I can't attend LS06 starting tomorrow.

To be frank, I'm gutted...

For the first time in a number of years, I really do feel that the IBM/Lotus strategy and market position are first class. The products (ND7, WCS2.6 and others), marketing (boxing gloves ads that are appearing everywhere) and personnel are really taking the fight to Microsoft. In addition, MS are doing themselves harm with their botched "Red Bull" conversion tool hype, with the leaking news about Exchange 12 (64-bit only, Jet engine reliance etc.) and the thousands of customers that are still on Exchange 5.5 - including my own current employer. Remember Exchange 5.5 is of the same vintage as Domino 4.6 - can you really see customers running business-critical email on a Domino/Notes system of that age? The two-lane highway of 2004 is also now a distant memory thankfully, Domino and Workplace are part of the same product plan with the same planned destination. It is a great message.

Secondly, the Lotus community is stronger than it's ever been in the past. The Blogsphere is bringing key individuals in the community together, driving innovation and development forward, deriving real customer value for those that were too small to really have focus around Domino/Notes in the past, and above all delivering products and solutions that are world-class.

Finally, Lotusphere is the place to be. Its a combination of learning, networking, socialising and having great fun that cannot be matched. I'm hearing all about the plans for meeting at ESPN, for the Turtle party, the HADSL giveaways, JAMfests, the Blogging forums and BOFs, and I am truly, madly, deeply missing it. Next year - I'll be there!


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