Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fascinating Outlook vs. Notes survey

Very unscientific I know, but this survey has yielded interesting and slightly surprising results:

"Lotus Notes Email Vs. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft and IBM both own massive cash cows. Mooo. Microsoft sells Outlook/Exchange. IBM sells Lotus Notes/Domino.

Microsoft and IBM are both developing new non related Enterprise 2.0 stuff.

The point of this survey is not to consider blogs and wiki stuff, but instead, just to simply ask users today which tool they prefer as an email tool."

Having just finished at a business where the corporate standard is Outlook and Exchange, I can heartily say that as a humble user I initially hated Outlook with a vengance, and even after 12 months of coming to terms with its differences (both positive and negative) I still found it woefully short of the user experience that Notes offers. Therefore I wasn't surprised at this result, but given that the wider view is still that portrayed by the Notessucks and UI Hall of Shame websites of a few years ago, I am really pleased by these results. It's great to see.


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